Software Engineer - Internship

Job description

Our engineering team at POSRocket is on the lookout for Software Engineer Interns to join this dynamic team. Building the backbone that powers our platform with our existing team is a joy. We're looking for passionate people who are looking for the next big challenge.


  • Learn Python, Django, Microservices, Git, Data Modeling, API Design ..etc
  • Develop backend systems and APIs that power the POSRocket systems.
  • Analyze feature requests and then plan & implement them in a test-driven way.
  • Create and review pull requests in order to achieve the best possible solution.
  • Exchange ideas and share your knowledge with the rest of the team and participate in pair programming.



Job requirements

The ideal candidate:

  • Passionate about programming 
  • Eager to learn 
  • Enjoys technical challenges and is capable of proposing and evaluating a solution against requirements, demonstrates a strong customer focus.
  • Good command of at least one of the following languages. Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, or NodeJS. 
  • Proven experience with one project at least, graduation project counts!
  • Good knowledge of web standards and technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP).
  • Object-oriented design principles and design patterns.
  • Working knowledge of relational and NoSQL databases.
  • A good foundation in software engineering process & best practices.
  • Committed to the highest levels of quality, demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills - Spoken and written English proficiency.