Lead Generation & Digital Marketing Manager

Job description

  • Develops, plans, and executes digital marketing strategies and activities, including SEM, social media, search and display advertising campaigns.
  • Develops budgets for both the Digital Marketing and Offline Activities.
  • Establish positioning, build brand awareness, identify target audiences, and develop marketing plans with specific objectives across different channels and segments.
  • Oversees the spending and budgeting process, including monthly forecasting and reporting on spend and ROIs.
  • Generates monthly reports on the marketing campaign’s performance.
  • Extracts lead generation data and files it accordingly.
  • Optimizes website and social media channels for SEO as well as usability.
  • Manages art and copywriting activities.
  • Responds to all messages and comments on social media platforms in a timely manner.
  • Support with marketing content - newsletter, visuals, calendar and captions shared on all the channels.
  • Align with the digital marketing and social media team in Jordan to make sure that implementation is done according to the developed digital strategy.

Job requirements

  • 5+ years of related digital marketing experience.
  • Solid understanding of paid media landscape.
  • Capacity to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Google Analytics, Google AdWords and SEO certified.